The Not-So-Great-Escape: What To Do If You Want To Get Out Of Your Relationship

Every happy couple has its fair share of obstacles. But when you are in a relationship where you feel that there is an overwhelming urge to escape, is this justified? In any relationship we can feel the various ups and downs, but what happens when we have this overriding sensation that we need to get out? When we feel depressed or unwell, this temptation to run is incredibly overwhelming. But it's not the only option. What can you do if you feel like this in life? 

What Are You Running Away From?
If everything feels overwhelming sometimes that urge to run away is about escaping our demons. When there is something in our lives that is impacting a relationship, if we can work out what it is, we can fix it. In a relationship, if we feel that there are so many external circumstances it may very well be that we've got to step away in order to gain some perspective. But when there is something that you are both guilty of you can work towards fixing it together. It could very well be something as extreme as an addiction, which can be remedied by couples drug rehab or if you are feeling bored or trapped you could work with your partner to make life more exciting. As soon as you start to figure out what you're running away from it's likely that the problem can be fixed.

Do You Need A Break From The Norm?
If you want to escape your relationship it could just be about the treadmill of life that goes and goes. As parents, we can feel bound by routine, which is crucial for the kids but when we get stuck it is difficult to break away. Getting a break from our current reality isn't about running away. It's about changing the routine. You don't have to book a vacation; you could try something else like going down the self-help route. Sometimes changing your perspective will give you that opportunity to reclaim something in your life that you thought you'd lost.

Ask For Help
If we feel trapped or there's an overwhelming urge to escape, sometimes a problem shared is a problem halved. Learning to reach out to someone, whether it's a loved one or a professional, can help us to go through our feelings and realize some home truths. Sometimes we can build things up in our minds too much which means that when we get those thoughts out we have a new sense of perspective on the situation. Asking for help is not an easy thing. But once you take that step and reach out to someone, you won't regret it.

If you ever feel down or struggling, running away is the normal reaction. But when everything feels overwhelming the opportunity to start from scratch is not the right option. When we have problems in life it's far better to turn and face the strain so we can understand what the problem is within ourselves. But we can also learn the true lesson that running away isn't the solution.

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