Winter Home Happiness

Keeping a happy home during the winter months can be tough. The adverse weather makes the normal things harder, while you’ll be worried about spiralling energy bills. You might be fairly lucky and live somewhere that experiences relatively mild winter weather, but for a lot of people blizzards and temperatures below zero are the norm, meaning rooms are hard to heat. With the advent of green living, it’s harder than ever to balance the morality of fossil fuels with the need to stay warm. These tips can help you get the best out of your home over winter while keeping costs down as much as possible. You may have already seen or enacted some of the below tips. That’s great, but they can give you further ideas around how you can really enjoy your home in winter without the worry. 

Make Sure Cold Can't Get In

It’s simple. If the cold can get in, the house is going to lose heat and get cold itself. You need to make sure that can’t happen. First, check your doors and make sure they’re in good condition. Make sure there’s not a draught coming in from beneath it or the through the side cracks. If you have a letterbox on your door check that too. Next, the windows. If you need to repair them check out Kolbe window parts. Look to the loft. A lot of cold air can get in that way. Getting some loft insulation can keep some cold out of your home. It doesn’t have to be expensive either. In the winter months, make sure you close vents and any openings in your home, bearing in mind certain appliances need good ventilation. If the cold can't get in the ambient temperature won’t be reduced.

New Energy Provider

If you think your energy prices are skyrocketing you can consider swapping to a new provider. It’ll give you the peace of mind to be able to turn the heating on if you and your family are cold without feeling guilty or worrying about money. If you’ve never changed before you might be in for a wonderful surprise. If you want to keep things green you’d do well to find an energy company who offers only green energy or with a full carbon offset. There are a myriad of energy companies you can choose from. Use a comparison website to help you, but remember some energy providers aren’t on comparison websites, so for a comprehensive search you need to look at both.

Use Central Heating Timers

Another way to save money and to stay warm. If you use your timers properly, you can make sure you arrive home to a warm house without having to keep the heating on all day. It’ll help you manage your money and keep the heating healthy in your home.


They can stop the heat seeping from each room. Curtains ensure the heat is kept in the room by providing a buffer between windows and living rooms. This works the other way though. If you draw curtains over a radiator, the heat will be trapped behind it and not be able to make its way into the room. If you’ve got your heating on and can’t really feel it this may be why.

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