The Most Effective Ways To Add Value To Your Home'


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Certain renovations won’t just improve the appearance of your home – they could also improve it’s value. When it comes to selling your home, this could help you to make more of a return. Here are some of the improvements that are likely to add the most dollars to your home’s price tag.

Add another bedroom

Adding another bedroom to your home could boost its value by 10%. There are numerous ways in which you could do this: you could build an extension, convert an attic, convert a basement or even convert a garage.

If you choose to build an extension, it’s best to hire a professional company such as Brown Building Contractors. You’ll likely need planning permission if you live in an urban area. You will also need to employ plumbers and electricians to complete the more specialized jobs, for instance carrying out the Derry electrical panel installation or installing new pipework. 

A conversion could be cheaper and youmight not need planning permission. You’ll likely still need to hire professionals for jobs such as adding electrics, insulation and flooring.

Extend a small kitchen

If you have a small kitchen, extending it could have the potential to boost your home’s value by 5%. Side extensions are some of the most common kitchen extensions, but you could also do a front or back extension depending on the location of your kitchen and available space around your home. You could even extend inwards by removing part of another room.

When doing kitchen renovation work, you definitely want to call in the professionals as there could be piping and electrics to install and relocate. Focus on adding more floor space to ensure added value. This guide to learn more offers more tips on extending a kitchen. 

Make your downstairs open plan

Many older homes have closed off rooms. It’s much more desirable nowadays to have an open-plan downstairs layout and could add 3 to 5% value to your home.

Creating an open plan layout isn’t always as simple as knocking down a few walls. There could be electrics and plumbing to relocate and certain walls are likely to be load-bearing – consequently it’s another job that you may want to hire professionals for.

Transform your backyard

Transforming your backyard could boost your home’s value by as much as 10%, depending on its current state.

Improvements to consider could include adding decking, adding a patio, replacing your shed and possibly upgrading fencing. A general tidy-up and a few well-maintained plants could also improve value. You may be able to make these improvements yourself if you’re DIY savvy, or you could hire a landscaping company.

Be wary that not all backyard improvements may add value. In some cases, adding a pool or adding a lot of high maintenance plants may even reduce your home’s value (in areas with hot climates, pools are likely to add value, but in cooler areas they may have the reverse effect due to the maintenance outweighing the likely usage).  



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