The Two Keys to Extreme Fitness in Today’s Busy World'


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We are living in a time where improving our health isn't just a nice thing to do, but it is a priority. Fitness and health can make all the difference right now. But of course, as life gets back to the way it once was, and people are too busy to hit the gym three or four times a week, we've got to figure out the right ways to get fit and healthy really quickly. In terms of exercises, we've got to take inspiration from those who are constantly putting their body through strain day in and day out. Whether this is gymnasts or those that practice ballet, what can we learn from these people who are fit as a matter of necessity?

Flexibility Is Great for the Muscles

Strength and flexibility can be two sides to the same coin, but the more flexible you are, the more agile you can be, which is great as you age. While you may think about taking contortion classes or pole dancing classes, you have to step back first and think about the weak areas you need to tone up so you can be more flexible. Get into the habit of stretching tight muscles, which are usually the legs. You can gradually build up to doing something like the plank which can help you tighten your body. The great thing about doing a plank is that, after being able to hold it for two minutes, you don't get any more benefit. The downside to this is that holding a plank for 30 seconds causes your entire body to shudder violently!

Fatigue Your Muscles Fast, Then Rest Properly

Rest is something we all need to prioritize. When we need to get fit and healthy quickly it's important to get into the mindset that if we want to get stronger, this will have a positive impact on our longevity and health. Programs like the Body By Science approach focuses on fatiguing the muscles extremely and then taking up to 7 days off to recover all the muscles. For most people who don't need to run marathons all the time, this is the best way to fit in fitness around your life. But fatiguing your muscles to such an extent is not easy. You have to put yourself into that pain point that you don't like. There is a guide to Body By Science here. But if you do it properly you provide such a stimulus to your body that the signals to the muscles facilitate growth. If you really want to get fit quickly, this is arguably one of the best ways, but you have to be aware that it is an incredibly draining practice. This is why you need to rest properly.

We have to find ways around getting healthy quickly in this modern world. And when we focus on what the fittest people in the world do, it centers around these two things. But also, we have to remember that diet is the most important piece of the puzzle. Physically speaking, these two components will help you but you can't escape a bad diet.

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