6 Business Ideas Women Can Start from Home


The number of female-owned businesses in the United States has seen huge growth, increasing a dramatic 31 times in the past 46 years. But despite these numbers, female entrepreneurs actively fail to claim a large portion of the total employment and revenue share. 

To help combat this crucial issue, our experts at Bankrate created a guide to help female entrepreneurs overcome challenges such as lack of funding, resources and revenue.

Starting a lucrative business no longer requires you to be constantly on the run. Why? Because with modern means of communication, employee management tools, collaboration tools and other commodities of the internet era, you can manage a business from your own home. Sure, your business doesn’t have to be strictly online but using these virtual tools does help out. This is especially important for female entrepreneurs who no longer have to feel the pressure of unfavorable work-life balance. The flexibility that comes with these business ideas is simply unparalleled. Here are six such ideas to choose from.

1.   Selling items on eBay

Every item has its buyer online. Even old boxes, cords and similar “useless” items in your basement may have some value. 

Why not try and figure out whether you can sell them on platforms like eBay? Those with a bit of extra vigor could even look for specialized platforms for every type of item. For instance, some platforms specialize in old video games. There are also some that buy old CDs and DVDs from people online. It’s an easy way to make money and declutter your home at the same time. Once you’re done with this, you can start visiting flea markets and garage sales in search of these unexpectedly valuable items.

2.               Blogging

Possessing knowledge or an opinion on a certain topic may not sound like the most profitable of commodities, yet, there are so many bloggers out there who would argue otherwise. First of all, you need to keep in mind the fact that there are many ways to make money by running a blog. You can become an affiliate marketer, offer memberships and subscriptions or just sell items on your blog. The list goes on and on but the key thing is that you need to start by connecting with your audience and offering them some quality content. Like in any other line of work, people are far more interested in what you can offer them than why you need them.

3.               Vlogging

Running a blog and running a vlog are not one and the same thing. You see, with a vlog, you’re putting your personality, charisma and overall verbal ability to a test. You also need a decent front camera on your phone, the best web camera that you can afford and a provider offering internet fiber services. Keep in mind that these technical issues tend to be incredibly relevant since your audience wants a clear image and no interruptions.

4.               Photography

For all those who see themselves as the visual, artistic type, selling photography is definitely a great idea. First, you need to pick your tool of choice. 

There are some platforms that specialize in selling photographs that you take on your smartphone, which is why you really shouldn’t worry about the fact that you don’t have a professional camera. In other words, there are really no excuses. Still, you do want to learn a thing or two about commercial photography. You can invest in a professional editing tool or, better yet, enroll in a course. My husband has also started selling photography online and we found a great resource to do that

5.               Creative writing

If you’re a verbal type of artist, you could always try and capitalize on your short stories and novels. The truth is that it’s never been easier to make money from writing. This is because there are so many amazing self-publishing tools out there like the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing program. This means that you can just write a story and upload it for others to buy. Here, you get a royalty fee from every story sold, which is how you get your profit. Still, there’s more than just writing to this profession. You also need to learn how to do proper keyword research, learn how to make book covers and a couple of other handy tricks.

6.               Dog walking and pet sitting services

Just because you’re starting a home-based business, it doesn’t mean that you have to work behind a computer or spend all your time indoors. Animal lovers can start their own dog walking and pet sitting business. Thanks to a myriad of specialized platforms out there, finding work shouldn’t be too hard. Keep in mind, nonetheless, that your performance affects your ratings and your ratings determine your income and frequency of employment.

As you can see from the list, there’s something for virtually everyone out there. Depending on your talents, personality and interests, you can easily pick the line of work that suits you the most. This way, you get the best of both worlds. You get flexible work hours and you get to make money doing something you love. The world is your oyster!


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