Moving Your Parents Into Your Home? 5 Home Adjustments You can make

Ensure the Moving Day Goes Smoothly 

Moving is a high anxiety chore regardless of who you are. Exciting? Absolutely. Stress-inducing? Incredibly so. When you make the necessary steps to moving your parents into your home, you should take the necessary precautions to make the most seamless transition. Depending on the circumstances, it can cause an emotional strain or toll on a parent who must now rely on their child to take care of them. Try to be emotionally available to them on moving day by hiring top rated movers to take care of the heavy lifting, while you occupy your mind with the rest of the move in process.  

Moving parents into your home as they age to take care of them is a kind thing to do. When your parents are in good health, fit, and agile, they are likely to continue living in your home as the rest of your family does, without any need yet to adjust your home. 

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However, if they have an illness, aches, and pains, difficulty walking, or taking care of basic self-care tasks, they may require more of your time, and they could benefit from a few changes being made to your home. 

Making changes to your home can make your parent's life and your life much easier. Here are a few tips of what you can do to make your home safer for your parents and easier to use.

Install A Walk In Tub

A Walk-In Bathtub Installation is one of the best adaptations you can make to your home to make it safer for your parents to bathe. 

The walk-in tub replaces ordinary baths and shower cubicles and enables people to enter the tub safely, without the risk of falling. Moreover, they can use the comfortable seat provided to safely bath in. Plus, a walk-in tub eliminates the need for your loved one to stand up while washing so that they may conserve their energy and enjoy their bath in peace.

Wider Doorways

It's unnecessary to widen every doorway, but widening the ones they're likely to use regularly will certainly help, such as the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen doorways. Wider doorways prevent accidents from occurring, and they are especially helpful if your parent uses a walking frame or wheelchair. 

Better Lighting

As we age, our vision deteriorates over time, making it more difficult for us to see. Dark hallways and rooms add to the problem and may make it challenging for your parents to navigate around your home. 

To support your family members, think about adding better overhead lighting to the areas they'll use the most. Plus, maybe think about installing motion sensor lighting. This will prevent your parents from needing to locate the switches, which is especially helpful at night time. 

Power-assisted Bed 

Depending on the fitness of your parents, you may want to consider investing in power-assisted beds. In doing so, it'll be much easier and safer for them to get out of bed in the morning. Or during the night when they need a drink or to go to the bathroom. 


As with enlarging doorways, it also helps to declutter your home before your parents arrive. Removing junk out of their bedroom, plant pots that clog the front porch, and rugs that can become tripping hazards is essential to ensure your parents can safely move around. 

The adjustments above are just a few ways you can make your home more comfortable for your parents to live in and prevent the risks of any accidents occurring. By making improvements before they arrive, you will also have peace of mind when they move in.

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