The 3 Unique Trials Of Winter, Homes Go Through'

 Buckle up, it's fall! Now your home will be put to the test. We all think that our homes are rock steady, that they won’t face any major hurdles and that, we can weather any storm. But, your home is alive, just like you. And just like you, it hates the cold too! That’s why you can hear cracks, groans and moans, even while you're not moving around in the home. The wood is bending, the walls are contracting, and the roof is becoming more brittle. What can you do to stop this? Well, not much. But you can prevent it from making your home a hazard, by preventing damage and knowing what to do when you know you have suffered a horrible event.

The falling danger

The most dangerous part of winters is, when it rains and then it's frosty. This can happen, during an evening, and then overnight the freezing of that rainwater begins. If your gutters are blocked, the water in them will turn to ice and thus put strain on the PVC structure of the pipes and gutter overhang. This can lead to ice within their gutters down, tearing them and causing a falling hazard. If a block of ice fell on your head, you could be hurt badly or even killed. So, make sure you have cleared out the gutters of the fall leaves and put bleach down the side pipe to clear any debris and dirt. You should also clear the drain so the water doesn’t get blocked and cause a slipping hazard.


Winter  storm

Winter storms are the worst. They are usually, very windy, very cold and the home can be caused to suffer horrendous damage. If you have been in a winter storm, and suffered from wind or water damage, call the best emergency cleanup contractor you can find. They will know what they need to do. Upon arrival, they quickly assess the situation, make sure the property is safe to enter, clear up the debris, make notes of what needs to be replaced and or repair and set to work in this direction. If you ask them as soon as you can, you may also get a deductible as much as $500. Thankfully, they’re a 24-7 business, so their services are always on hand.

Drafts and rain

The rain is always a pest in winter. It can pour down heavily, and cause little gaps in your home to widen. We all have them. Whether they are in the door frame, window frame, or perhaps in our extraction fans, small holes begin to appear and get worse with the winter rain. This can cause drafts to become worse. So, before it's too late, put mortar into the small holes, and or silicone filler. Choose a day when it won’t rain and allow it to dry for 24 hours. This should prevent further erosion.

Winter always comes with unique challenges you won’t see in any other season. If you act now, you can stop any of these things from happening. Let us know how you get on!

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