Here's How To Tell You Have Mold In The Bathroom Walls'

 There Is nothing fun about handling mold in the home. You want your house to smell good, to look good and to feel good and you can’t really do that when your lungs are aching from breathing in mold spores. It’s so important to figure out whether you have mold in the walls of your bathroom, as this is the room in the house that is most susceptible to damp and mold. Mold is linked to coughing, wheezing and worsening respiratory symptoms, so the last thing that you need is mold in the walls.

When you have bathrooms covered in mold, this can spread to the rest of the house. The drywall that you put up in other areas of the house can be affected and you will be calling someone for drywall repair quickly if you don't tackle the problem early. Mold is hazardous to your health, and you also need to clean it off using as natural methods as possible.

Once a mold inspection in Fairfield, CT (or wherever you are) has been completed and the presence of mold confirmed, here a few suggestions as to how you can get rid of the mold in your bathroom.

Below, we’ve put together a few ways to get rid of the mold in your bathroom.

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  1. Use Baking Soda. A little baking soda can go a long way, and it can really help you to get rid of mold, too. It’s safe for children and pets and as well as killing off the mold, baking soda will help to absorb the excess moisture, too. It’ll dry out the walls so that the mold won’t grow back in future, too. All you need is a quarter tablespoon of baking soda and water in a  spray bottle. Dissolve it, spray the walls and use a soft sponge to wipe them down. This will get rid of the surface mold and then you can respray and leave it to dry this time!

  2. Try Vinegar. It’s another household staple and it works. Vinegar is non-toxic and will work very well on moldy walls. You can add it to the baking soda, too, for a double whammy on the walls of your bathroom. This isn't vinegar that you put on your food, by the way. Add white distilled vinegar to a spray bottle and do not add water to it, you don't need it. Use a liberal amount of it on your walls, and then let it sit for an hour before you wipe it clean. 

  3. Look to Tea Tree Oil. A harmless essential oil to use on mold is tea tree oil. You can use it as an alternative to bleach and other chemicals that fight mold. It’s expensive in larger quantities, but it works very well on all wall types. You want to find the tea tree oil that offers Melaleuca Alternifolia in the ingredients, as this is the magic one that will help your moldy walls. All you need is a teaspoon of it and if you don't have a spray bottle, go and buy one! 

  4. Give Borax A Go. This isn't a substance that you want to swallow, as it’s toxic, but it’s also toxic to the mold on the walls. It’s affordable and found in most stores and all you need is a gallon of water and a cup of borax. Scrubbing brushes loosen the mold on the walls and you can wipe any excess off the walls when you scrub everything off. Leave the excess borax on the walls, though, as it will dry naturally and prevent any more mold from clinging on.

  5. Invest In Hydrogen Peroxide. Most people have this in their bathroom cabinet for cuts and scrapes, but you can use it to get rid of mold in a non-toxic way. It fizzes up and it’s brilliant at sinking into the mold on the walls - even more than bleach can! You only need a 3% concentration in a spray bottle, and then you can saturate the mold on the walls and let it sit for ten minutes. Scrub out the area and once the mold is loose, you can use some clothes to pull it away from the wall. Keep going until the surface is mold-free and get right into the corners of the walls, too. You need to make sure that any residual spores are gone, too.

  6. Control The Temperature. Bathrooms get very humid, and while you may put on the extractor fan or open the windows, you may not have done enough. You can keep the humidity low when you do this, but the aim is to keep it below 50% so add a dehumidifier. This will help you to dry out the moisture on the walls as well as the mold!

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