Taking Care Of Your Health During Lockdown'


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If you are in quarantine right now, you might be feeling pretty stir-crazy. You’ve exhausted your baking skills; you have found every Netflix documentary you’ve been keeping on your list and watched it twice; you have completed every YouTube home workout there is to do. The temptation to break quarantine and get together with friends is ever-present, but must be resisted; it seems that COVID-19 is here to stay, and therefore we must hold on a little longer. 

Despite lockdown boredom, there are things you can do to better take care of yourself at this time. You might have become tired of boring home workouts and trying to perfect your banana bread recipe, but there’s more to quarantine than these clich├ęs. Let’s get to it: here is how to take care of your health during lockdown.

  1. Stock up your first-aid kit. 

One project which is both helpful and simple is to stock up your first aid kit. Before coronavirus you might have got by on two old bandaids and a bottle of Pepto-Bismol, but these days, it’s probably better to be over-prepared than left high and dry. Here are some things that every home first-aid kit should have.

  • Over-the-counter painkillers. For headaches and sore throats, paracetamol or ibuprofen are essential bathroom cupboard products.

  • A thermometer. Seeing as one of the symptoms of coronavirus is a high fever, having a home thermometer is important to monitor your temperature over quarantine. If you have a high fever, you should contact a hospital and get a coronavirus test.

  • Plenty of soap and hand sanitizer. 

  • Wound spray. To prevent infection if you get a cut or scrape, wound spray is a quick and easy solution.

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  1. Get A Home Blood Test

Home blood tests such as those offered by Precision Labs can help analyze the overall state of your health. Your blood cells and hormone levels in your blood can tell a doctor a lot about your health and can give you any indication if something is wrong. There are very common deficiencies found in the blood, such as low iron, which can be easily remedied by taking daily vitamins. However, a blood test can determine more than just your iron levels; it can indicate issues such as: 

  • Liver issues. If your liver is not functioning at its optimal level it will release enzymes which are recognisable in the blood.

  • Hormone problems or variations. Your hormone levels regulate your mood, your body’s reproductive system and your energy levels. If you have irregular or imbalanced hormone levels, this will show up in blood test results.

  • Thyroid problems. If you have an overactive or underactive thyroid, you might not even know it. Diagnosing this problem can help you get the treatment you need for any thyroid issues. 

  • Diabetes. If you have diabetes, you will need to regulate your insulin levels through diet and medication. A blood test can help diagnose either type of diabetes.

Getting a home blood test during lockdown can allow you to easily prioritize your health, at a time where death and destruction is all around us. This can give you peace of mind, as well as setting your body off on the right track for a healthier future. 

  1. Go On A Yoga Journey

You might be sick of doing home squats and planks, but you’ll never regret taking up yoga. You can find amazing yoga experiences online which are free to access and will help your mind and body become stronger and calmer. Yoga is more than just exercise; it is an ancient Indian practice, designed to heal and strengthen the mind while moving your body in synchronicity with your breathing. As well as becoming more toned and strong, a daily yoga practice can transform your mindset. It is so easy to become highly stressed by the world around us right now, so it has never been more essential to return to tranquility.

The other great thing about yoga is that it requires no equipment other than a soft enough floor space or yoga mat. Put down the dumbbells and find your inner strength during quarantine with an amazing, free yoga journey. Then, if you enjoy the journey, when you are free to travel again you could even look at yoga instructor certification ohio and build on your yoga practice and find a new career path to go down! 


Taking care of your health during lockdown is not easy. Although you might have more time on your hands, the couch and the TV are constantly calling your name. Use these helpful tips to kickstart your healthy journey, even while quarantining.

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