Important Home Jobs You Should Complete In Winter '


Winter is a time where many of us hibernate in the house and stay cosy. It is also a time where our house and gardens both battle the elements in a way they don’t during summer. 

It is important as we approach winter each year that we take the time and effort to make changes to our home to better protect it from the weather. And there are also simple DIY jobs you can do to keep your house safe and secure in the cold season. 

Here are some of the simple house and garden jobs you should do this week to prepare your property for winter. 

Rid the driveway of weeds 

Now that weeds have started to die back, it is a good time for you to get rid of them for good so they don’t come back in full force in spring. If you have weeds between the pacing stones of your driveway, you can sprinkle down salt, wait for 24 hours, and they pull out the weeds from the root. Doing this now will hopefully save you tackling too many when the warm weather hits once more. 

Insulate the roof 

The roof is the most important element of your home - providing shelter against rain and snow. The roof is also where heat from your house can escape as you go through the cold days, and you need to try and prevent this from happening. Insulating your roof is a simple job but an effective one, and you’ll be able to make a huge difference to your home by doing this this week. 

Fix rendering 

Rendering is a barrier that stands between your brickwork and the weather outside - and it is important now and again to look at fixing cracks and chips to prevent water getting into your home. Take some cement out with you this weekend and fill in cracks or holes in your rendering, and give it a lick of paint to refresh it. This will take you a couple of afternoons and will allow you to protect your brickwork throughout the harsh winter. 


Mow the lawn 

Most of your plants have likely died back for the winter, however the grass will still remain growing throughout this season. Now that winter is upon us, the rate your grass grows will slow by a lot and it is a good time to do one final mowing of the lawn before spring next year. It’s a job which will take you an hour and will keep the grass looking tidy all winter long. 

Insulate your water pipes 

When the temperature falls, our water pipes leading towards the house run the risk of freezing over. To avoid this happening to you, you can either call your local plumbers or buy some pipe insulation and wrap the pipes to keep them above freezing. The last thing you want on a cold day is no water supply to the house! 

Be ready for winter with these simple jobs, and prepare your home for a cold few months. 

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