Cara Reveal

Every month the lovely Kaitlyn from Wifessionals hosts a CARA box exchange, it is so much fun and i love getting the packages in the mail, i also enjoy sending the packages and seeing someone smile :)

I sent a box to Chantel this month- check it out over here

My Cara Box came from a sweet girl- Amy

She sent me so many wonderful Nautical things (this months theme)

All the items =) 
i took my cup to work because i have been looking one like it to use for water at work, so i was very thrilled when i got this one. 

pretty blue nail polish 

a big beautiful beach towel(x2) for me and hubby to use after the pool :) 

Some head bands to keep the hair back when swimming on lounging on the beach 

the card from her, a very beautiful message inside 

i love scarfs and this one is the perfect one for a fall evening.

I feel so spoiled this Cara Box, Amy your awesome 
Thank you so much girl!! 

Why don't you go sign up for next month :) 


  1. I'm so happy you loved your box and will find a use for everything!! :)

  2. Very nice, and I have a thing for beach towels, weird but true. I love the one you received!


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