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Sometimes i sit and think about my life!
Is it what i thought it would be

I ask...is this the career path i wanted to take.... my answer is simple for that one.. Absolutely not... i can see myself in a busy office somewhere as office manager, or a receptionist with lots of work to do, but yet here i am at a customer contact centre, listening to people gripe and complain every hour of every day, I would love a job that i truly enjoy, where i am happy and contenet to come to work. I am VERY THANKFUL for a job because there are a lot of people who dont have one.

Did you marry the man you knew was for you, or did you marry so you wouldnt be the only one not married among friends..
I can honestly say i married my high school love, I never think any differently, he is my one and only one.

Are you friends with people you  know wants/need your friendship, life is to short to be fighting with so called 'friends', surrond yourself with positive people, people who will bring you up, be positive and you will feel positive.

Home Life and Kids: Do you live where you wanted to, can you be happy forever?

I look at it this way:
As long as we are in God's will life will be happy for us, sure it wont always be easy but it will always be happy.


  1. I totally agree with you! So often I start wondering about the "what-if's" of my life and get bogged down wondering. However, I know that I am exactly where God wants me to be and I am doing exactly what is perfect for me!

  2. You are so right Terri. Too many times we wonder about what would have happened if things went differently in life. I'm pretty good about loving where I am, because I know everything happens for a reason, even the hard times. But I don't think I show it enough.

  3. so true Kera, we need to show it more

  4. Surrounding yourself with positive people is such a tip I wish I'd have known earlier in life. :)

  5. The 'what ifs' are such a roadblock in life's journey. I love this saying I came across on Pinterest,

    Don't look back. You're not going that way!

    It's been a very powerful reminder, and this article is a reinforcement of that! Great post!!

  6. I'm happy with my career. I'm happy with my man. But, I'm still always working to live more in the moment, appreciate all of the goodness in my life, and take advantage of opportunities for more happiness.


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