Weekend Recap

The last weekend in the house that we have called home since moving here, we are moving on Wednesday

Friday: My treatment day again- it didn't hurt as bad this time. 
Thank you to all who prayed for me. 
I made dinner around 9 pm when i was finally feeling ok to do so, we had pancakes- Yum...
Some friends came to spend the night, it was nice

Saturday: Up at 7 am to go Yard Saling because we found out we need some house hold items, the new place don't have as much as we were told, but thats ok because now we can have what we want, and it was like a date for us because Brooke stayed with friends that were here... 
We got back around 10 am and i went to bed because i was up late on friday night, i slept about 2 hours, we packed alot today, this is what my kitchen looks like now

I cannot wait til we are moved and unpacked and settled in, so much work to moving and i hate it. 
Saturday Night i relaxed and watched a movie "The Proposal"- one of the best movies ever. 

Sunday: We had Sunday school, the theme this week was Peace and how to be a peace maker, kids say the funniest things..
I babysat for our Assistant Pastor this afternoon, he has 2 very cute kids and they were so well behaved, it was nice to get snuggles at nap time. 
After Sunday night service we went to Mary Brown's, they are the fried chicken restaurants here in Canada, it was so good, it's the first time we have been there since moving because there wasn't one here, but now they have opened one and i am so excited.

Check back tomorrow for a Special Birthday Greeting :) 

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