Weekend Recap =)

Friday: I am of work this week as per my Doctor- he took me off last Wednesday because my side effects and my blood pressure was high... it has been a nice break but i miss everyone so much, i work with a bunch of awesome people. 
Had treatment at 3- Brooke didn't want to come with me this time because she was to bored last week (LOL)...
it was pretty painful, i am not sure how much longer i can tolerate this pain...
the treatments cause me to have a flare up....which in turn makes me irritable and cranky 
I rested most of Friday night- i did have the 2 students that are working at our church this summer, they stopped by so we grilled burgers, she is so helpful so it was all good. 
I worked on some Sunday School stuff too, it was fun. Our new theme is Fruit of the Spirit, no pictures yet because it starts officially next Sunday. 

Saturday: We had a wedding at 11:00 am- it was so gorgeous. 

They did a small dessert reception for family, so I didn't go, but I heard it was beautiful all around. 

We left and drove to meet friends about 35 mins out of town, to spend the day on this baby:

 Yep, she is a geek, brought her IPAD for "pictures"- she was very careful though. We had so much fun, check out the pictures. 

The kids went swimming in the river, we all came home with sun burns on the go, we also picnicked there, id love to do it again very soon.
 When we got home i needed to clean and cook, I had to make 2 desserts so i had a very messy kitchen and 2 mixers going, 

here is what i made:

Frozen Mocha Cheesecake, Recipe here :
it was so delicious. 

Death by Chocolate, recipe here 
Crawled into bed around midnight... exhausted but such a fun Saturday. 

Sunday: We had a visiting minister because our minister is away on vacation, we miss them terribly but we know everyone needs to relax....i cannot imagine the stress of a Pastor and his wife, hope i never have to find out. 

We hosted the visiting minister today: we cooked potatoes, veggies, chicken breasts on the BBQ- it was hard on  me because i cannot have BBQ sauce anymore, it really bothers me because i love it, but no pain is Great.  I had 8 kids in Sunday school and they were all so well behaved. 
took them to Mc'd's have Sunday pm service for ice cream, we visited for a bit then parted ways, they had a couple hours to drive. 

Well Chickie's, have a beautiful week <3 


  1. You've been busy! Have fun!!

  2. Looks like a fun day on the boat! I love getting out and doing things like that with the family :)

  3. I'm so sorry to hear that you are in pain and am wishing you all the best with your health. It looks like you are enjoying yourself though and that is so important!


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