Weekend Recap :)

Worked til 2 which is my friday schedule.. had treatment for 3 pm, Brooke came with me because she was on vacation with her dad this week, i wish i was off with them too. 
Treatment was over by 4, so we then went to Boston Pizza to eat, i had this

Baked Chicken penne, so good and IC friendly . I had to take the tomatoes off it, but it was delicious, so glad i got to go there. Then we went to a rummage sale and i got a lot of clothes for Brooke for school and got my self some things, i love rummage sales, i came home and i slept for a bit because i was exhausted, did some laundry and went back to bed. 

Up at 6:00 am for our church yard sale- i was exhausted most of the day and came home at 11 and then the nausea hit me, i was sick all day and the heat done help either, it has been far to hot (96 degrees) that is so hot, we don't normally get that here. I did manage to go to the Dollar store to get some candy for treat bags i wanted to make for Sunday School because it was the end of our theme, have i mentioned it has been to hot :p

We had our finale of "Being Grounded" theme. Brooke won the big prize of a 
Day pass to the water Park
$10 gift card to McDonalds. 
They all got candy bags to bring home. 
We had a worms and dirt cake 
it was soo good and i may have eaten 2 pieces :p

We have a student working at our church for the summer, so we had her over for lunch today, was nice to have an adult female in the house:) We grilled and had fun:)
went to Mc'ds after service tonight for ice cream

Well that does it for me


  1. Sounds like you had a lot of fun things on the go! Cute cake!

  2. I love dirt cake! Congrats to your daughter on the water park win. :)

  3. Oh that cake looks sooo good - the penne too! Enjoy!!


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