Guest Post- Heather

Today I introduce to you my friend Heather- she has a super cool Love Story to share with you today. 

This is the story on how I met my husband. At the time that I met my husband he was actually my boss. I know I know, scandalous right? Well I had just finished journalism school and I turned my resume into all the TV stations in Phoenix and the one in Flagstaff Arizona. I was hoping to get a call back, but none called me back. The next move was to apply to stations in other markets, but while I was waiting for my dream journalism job or at least a job to work up the ranks, I applied to be a flight attendant. I thought well, at least while I'm waiting for someone to hire me in my field of of study I can be a flight attendant and travel a little. I studied for all the tests to become a flight attendant, I was in the process of memorizing all the US airport codes and some international codes, learning all the airlines safety procedures and waiting for one of three interviews to be officially accepted and hired as a flight attendant. I would be making $20 bucks a hour and back in 2004 I was quite excited about that

No sooner did I get accepted into the program I got a call from channel 2 news. From Scott Jones, who would one day be my husband. I took the interview and when I found out what the pay would be as a production assistant at KNAZ, that I would be making $6.50 an hour. I nearly laughed in my soon to be boss's face. 

I had a decision to make. Do I continue on with flight attendant school and end up making $20 bucks an hour or do I use my degree that I spent four years trying to obtain and make $6.50 an hour.  As you can imagine it was hard to turn down triple the pay, but I knew the low salary at first might pay off down the road. 

Well the low salary never did pay off down the road, but I did meet my future husband and the father of my children, who at the time happened to be my boss. A couple years go by and our relationship develops and I soon have to start reporting to someone else after we reveal our relationship to the big boss. Like any workplace romance it was a bit scandalous, but fast forward 9 years later and we are very happily married with two crazy tornadoes we call our children.

Since the days at KNAZ, my husband works has an amazing IT job at the hospital where he's practically managing the department and he has room to grow there and after a short while being an office manager at Swire Coco-Cola, I became a stay at home/work at home mom. Its been great being about to be home with my kids and pursue blogging full time.&

I can tell you right now that when I made the decision to turn down $20 an hour for $6.50 an hour I did not picture my life the way it is now 11 years later. Am I disappointed in anyway? No not at all. I am doing what I had hoped I'd be able to do as a parent, be at home with my children during the five most influential years of my kids lives. Never thought that was really possible, but with how awesome my husband is, he made it possible.

So all I can say is that detours can lead you down roads you least expect and in my case, it lead me to the love of my life and I have no regrets! :)

Heather Jones


  1. Detours can be such a blessing! :)

  2. What an incredible story. I bet you were office gossip for a minute lol The flight attendant gig sounded tempting too.

  3. It's important to do what makes you happy!

  4. What an encouraging story. It's nice to hear!

  5. I love how we take a different turn, but end up where we're supposed to be! So lovely! Your family is beautiful!

  6. Aw, what a sweet story. I loved your pictures!

  7. Love this. You never know when wonderful things are going to fall into your lap, and in my experience it's usually when you never expect it. :)

  8. That is such a sweet story! And so brave of you to turn down the better paying job...I guess the worse paying job paid better in the end!


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