Weekend Recap

Worked til 6 pm but it was such a slow day so I may have watched Grey's most of the day, I wish I could clean my house or something but I can't because my headset isn't cordless. 
Brooke was invited to a sleep over party,so it started snowing just before I got off work, we were gonna go into town for a date but the roads were already slick, so we dropped Brooke off and went to a little restaurant just up the street from us and I had the best Chef salad I have ever had
there was: Ham, roast beef, turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, egg, cucumber, cheese, carrot, I had catalina dressing on it.. 
Came home watched greys, talked to my mom and my friend Diane. 
my pain started.. 
my bladder flared up- i think it hated me because of the salad dressing, but I am not sure what caused it... 
it lasted til around 2:30 am.. i was ready to go to the ER but thankfully it settled. 
I cannot wait til my new medication arrives and we get this taken care of. 

Our weather for the day was:

and boy did we ever get it... it was a nasty winter storm, we stayed inside all day, thankfully Brooke was brought home by the guy in the picture with the plow on his truck, we got buried  and another storm coming on Tuesday 

Woke to a beautiful bright sunshine-ey day... 
thankful to see that beautiful red hot ball in the sky especially knowing we are in for another storm this week.. 
We took our pastor and his family out for dinner, we have been meaning to do it since Dec for Christmas but because of our schedules we never got to do it until today, it was a good time. 
A friend called me up and told me to come by she had something for me
My favourite- Home made coconut cream pie - so delicious, so so delicious

I wanted to show you what the snow banks are like here

and my sister sent me this
3 days shy of 4 months. She makes my heart melt. 

Have a great week, we are going to be snowed in over here again this week, let's hope it isn't to bad. 

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