Weekend Recap

Worked til 6 pm as per usual, my day was filled with meetings because the dealership I was working on is no longer with us, so now I am a floater which is what I wanted to be since I started, my schedule will ask be changing a little bit perhaps.
Went in town at 6 to get groceries, make a exchange and have supper.
Andrew also got me my Valentine present- pictures to come further down this post ;)
I did some laundry and ended of my evening with Grey's

Saturday: Happy LOVE day... we are not those people who just has to celebrate Valentine's day, we show each other Love every day of the year, but we did do presents this year and it was fun, we also went out for a dinner date
Here are the pictures of my presents..
Coconut Cream Cupcakes, Navy MK purse, Bamboo plant in the shape of a heart ( awww), chocolates and a beautiful card and dinner at Montana's.

He got: card, a book, chocolates, coffee, lunch
It was a great Valentines day spent with the one I adore. 

Woke up to a crazy winter storm- we have so  much snow here, today we are getting 50 cms, there was no church today, the entire city is pretty much closed down, I have no pictures to share because it is to dark now, these are a couple I found from friends on Fb 
This is out someone's back door 
This is 4 miles from my house- the highway was super nasty too 

Tomorrow is a holiday for me, not sure if I am going to sleep all day or if I'm even gonna be able to go anywhere with all the snow that is around 


  1. Oh my goodness! I have never seen snow like that in my life. I hope you guys stay safe and warm. xo

  2. You have more snow than I can imagine right now! Wishing you warmth. xx


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