I usually only share Married couple stuff but I came across a single's blog and I realized I need to post some encouragement for those of you who are not married because I know it can be lonely. I also know I have some single friends that read here, well today this is for you.

1. Love when you're ready, not when you're lonely. Don't just settle for someone.
2. A bitter person will say, "All men/women are the same." A wise single person will quit picking the same type of person.
3. If you're going to make love to that person you're in love with, doing it wearing the safest thing ... a wedding ring.
4. Your self-worth shouldn't be defined by your Facebook relationships status. Whether your "in a relationship" or "single" God loves you a TON. Base your self-worth on that.
5. Satchel Paige said, "Love like you've never been hurt." Taking your past hurts into your new relationship will sabotage it from the beginning.


  1. Awesome! Such wisdom in these words.

  2. This is just what I needed right now. Stopping by from Christian Women Blogs

  3. I believe I married the right person, but definitely for all the wrong reasons, and that lead to a host of problems I didn't need in my marriage that were totally my responsibility. These are great tips for singles.

  4. gotta be with God first - then happy with ourselves.....

  5. All excellent points to consider! After my first husband left me with our year old son, I was at a complete loss. I had let my wifehood define so much of who I was as a person, and had I found something like this during that dark season, I may have avoided some of my deepest regrets. To the singles out there who think no guy will wait till the wedding day if you've already been intimate with someone else.....please know the right guy will! After I knew there was no hope of reconciliation with the father of my son, God brought my current husband into my life. He too was left by a former spouse, and for our wedding, despite being in our mid-thirties, we once again waited until the altar. Thank you for sharing these nuggets of wisdom and encouragement! :)

  6. Love these! Great advice for single people.


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