Weekend Recap

I had my friend Amy over for the day, we hung out here with the baby, then we went to a little diner that is up the street from my house.  We had a fun time. After they left I had a migraine headache and took a nap, it didn't up to  much. 
Today was my Brothers College graduation- he makes me so proud, I wish I could have been there
My College Graduate- this is his 3rd grad that I missed
High school 

Him and His beautiful girl 
Now he is off for his work term and then the real world starts for him. 
Around 5:15 pm we went to help our new Pastor and his family move in, I really like them already and cannot wait to get to know them 
Brooke had a sleepover with two of her friends from school
Girls are laughing so much, it does a momma's heart good because only living here for 3 years... it was a fear of this momma's heart that she would not have any friends here, she proved me wrong, she is pretty well liked with her friends

My day started super early
we had to run errands before the Farewell party for our Pastor
here are some pictures of the decor and some others

It was a super fun day, very busy for me because I am the hospitality coordinator here at church so I needed to be there from start to finish so I came home and took a hot bath and a nap, then I needed to go to Walmart to get some groceries. Call me crazy because that is how I felt 

Here are some pictures because we had a crazy busy Day..
Brooke had her year end concert at school

Then we had a mini photo shoot- these were by a beginner because I have no idea what I'm doing but every now and then I like to get out my camera and take some pictures with it, sad to see that nice camera just sitting there on a shelf after all the money spent on it ;)

Have a great week, I am off til Tuesday so I'm gonna enjoy my monday 


  1. Wow, that is a seriously busy weekend, but it looks like fun was had!

  2. that's a full + fulfilling life right there! love it (:

  3. sounds like you had a busy weekend - LOVIN IT ALL! :D

  4. I'm so glad your daughter has made great friends in only 3 years. That pic of laughter at the sleepover is my favorite.

  5. I always love hearing about your church gatherings. It sounds like a wonderful community to be a part of.

  6. Love how full of life your family is! Enjoy your day off too.


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