Gratitude Journal #1

Linking up with Heather from over here 

We are sharing things we are thankful for, here are mine 

1) My Power Bank- I have a bad battery on my iPhone so buying this was worth every last penny so I can charge my phone on the go 

2) My hubby- what an incredible man he is- so giving of him self, will do anything for me ( within reason)

3) My Job- I am now working full time again and although  it was hard  togo from part to full, but it is good. 

4) My daughter - she is all kinds of awesome 

5) My Church- such a happy place for me to go  

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  1. Ah these are great things Terri! I have a powerbank too! Love that I can charge it on the road. Also good to love your Church...I'm having a hard time with that right now. Can't find one that actually preaches the "word".


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