Weekend Recap

I worked til 5 pm- my back was hurting so bad, sitting doing data entry all day, I need to stretch more. 
It was the last day of school here… Brooke went to dinner with a friend from school. 
After work, we just hung out, did some lawn work, and I need to rake it more tomorrow.

I watched some mindless netflix and relaxed, face timed with my sister and kiddos, I miss them so much, come on December

I woke up bright and early to clean the house, had to go get groceries and my beautiful friend got married, here are some pictures:

I love how weddings now have hashtags, goodness I don't even think we had the internet when I got married, I remember we did have a cell phone but I didn't have my own personal one, Andrew used his for work and that was it, we didn't text etc... I think I was 25 when I got my first phone, maybe even older...

Congrats Jaredene and Josh, you look like an angel now come on Friday so we can see you again :)

Our new pastor and his wife came for dinner tonight, hubby grilled and I made salads, i made this
Leslie from A Blonde Ambition posted it on Instagram and I made it today, it is truly amazing. if you want the recipe, click on the picture up there.
It is my now favourite salad, it is perfect for summers

Happy Fathers Day to the awesome daddies, and to the mommies who have to pull double duty because of situations out of there control.  You can read my special Fathers Day post here . It is days like today that I am missing my grandpa so much more, he was so much like a Dad to me... I also have the best daddy in the world.

We had a special service for Dad's today and they each got a fancy bbq sauce, I took hubby out for Italian food, then we all had big naps and went back to church for PM service.

Anything exciting on your schedule this week?


  1. 25 when you got your first phone? Wow, times change quickly, don't they? I was 14 when I first got a Nokia all of my own--but then for the past year my husband and I have been sharing one phone. We'll probably go back to two pretty soon--it's nice to be able to contact him when he's away from the house! :)
    Sorry about the back pain, I know how difficult to get rid of that can be--regular stretching and exercises have helped mine a lot, but they're tedious.

  2. Beautiful photos! I'm 17 almost 18 and don't have a cell phone. Hope your back feels better!


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