Confessional friday

I really love Confessional Friday with Leslie 
Today I am sharing some confessions:

1) I came thru surgery yesterday on my jaw- I had a fractured jaw line, talk about pain... OUCH! 
I am so thankful that is done and over with, I slept the entire day away yesterday, my husband is totally amazing, he cleaned house, took care of me
2) I am addicted to buying summer sandals, I have far to many shoes but summer sandals are so cute. It is a bad habit to have ;) 

3) So thankful for my baby girl who has been keeping house cleaned, and even made dinner this week while I have been working long days. 

4) I need a vacation, I do not want to wait til December but I think I have to, I would love to go home to Newfoundland for my birthday but not for sure yet, depends on the cost of tickets to fly. It is so expensive to fly from here to home. 

5) I have taken a mini break from Wife talk on the blog, it will resume in September, I also have a new idea I am bringing in September, one you all will like. 


  1. Looking forward to September! Praying for your recovery, glad your family is helping you!


Thanks for the blogging Love

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