Weekend Recap

I left work when the day was over unlike the last 10 days where I have worked 10-12 hour days and I needed to leave early as I was mentally drained. 
We were gonna have a date but then we decided to make a family date and we went for chinese food, went for a drive, we laughed a lot- mainly them at me ;) It was a fun family night which are the best nights, I love dates with my husband but we are gonna have two weeks alone so there will be lots of dates. 

Came home and worked on my MAC- it seems like a virus and it is so hard to get rid of it..

Happy Independence Day!

We went shopping for groceries and also for some summer clothes for Brooke, had a nice chat with my dad and brother- it made me so happy to start my day of with that.
We worked on invites for Brooke's birthday, how is it so close. [We are doing a geocaching party, her cake is ordered and it is gonna be so nice, she is having 5 girls to spend the day with and have fun.]
We watched the 4th of July fireworks- they are always so nice.. I would love to be an American ( i think)
Facetimed with my sister and babies, then watched some OITNB- I am addicted
Made a taco salad and jalepno poppers

Last day of Summer Summit, we usually go all week long but because of my long hours we couldn't... let me just say- those long hours are over time and I am not told to work them, but I do love the pay cheque;)
I helped out in the nursery class today, I had these two cuties,
we had fun but I was exhausted when it was over.
Tonight we went to the last service Summer Summit, we went to dairy queen after with my sister and her beauty of a daughter and the new baby cooking in her belly oven, I am hoping it is a boy this time.. Olivia- her daughter was happy to see Brooke

Have a great week friends. 


  1. looks like you guys had a great weekend!

  2. Can't believe Brooke is going to be twelve! I remember when she was about to turn ten and you couldn't believe you were about to have a pre-teen. :)


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