Weekend Recap

Pay Day- have I mentioned how great it is to be working full time and lots of overtime :) 
After work we met Brooke in town because she was out to a movie with friends, we grabbed dinner at the mall... I was going to get my new phone but changed my mind because I do not want another contract and I'm not sure if I want a blackberry or another iPhone, Apple products have been mean to me lately 
After we are we went to Best Buy to look for an iPad case for Brooke, they had nothing that we liked.... So we went to staples to take a look for a case... Her birthday requests were pretty minor so I wanted to get her what ever she asked for.... ( phone case,iPad case and 2 books), we found a gorgeous case at Staples and on clearance, score!!!! A friend text on the way home and said she had a surprise for Brooke... We went and she had made her a Paris theme cake ( her room is Paris theme)  Came home, relaxed, cleaned and watched Netflix 

Woke up early as it was a busy day at our house ... Birthday Party day 
We ran into town to get her amazing cake made at a cupcake shop, it was a geocaching party, I will let the pictures do the talking
Geo caching cake

She really did love her cake 

Blowing out her candles

I love the look of joy in this picture and the next one

Brooke and her Best friends. 

Her friend Sam came to spend the night- she was working and wasn't able to make the party

She made her a Paris theme cake- Brooke loves Paris 

I am so thankful every day that Brooke has such amazing friends here. 

Today was a sad day- it is the last service that some of our closest friends will be here, so we had lunch with them, we grilled and had fun
Here is my girl just three days shy of 12 

Check back for two important post this week with a fun giveaway! 


  1. Okay so this is funny. I actually had to stop reading at Friday and scroll down to comment. My sister's name is Brooke and she loves Paris and has a Paris themed room!! :) Okay now to read about the rest of your weekend.

  2. looks like you had a fun and busy weekend! :D


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