Remembering Leslie

The one thing I love most about this blogging world is the friends you make, the friends that become like family to you.. such as it was for myself and Leslie. 

I fell in love with her blog about 5 years ago, she has been a daily part of my life, yesterday she became an angel, she is now made whole and at peace and has a brand new heart but knowing her husband is left without his wife, Ainsley and Caroline are without their momma ( they are both under two). 
Leslie was always so friendly and bubbly, she was so positive even when she was hurting her self she wanted to make sure that everyone else was doing ok, always asking how her blog friends were doing. 

She was known for her Confessional Friday post that was a fav of my week and she was also known for her fashion, that girl knew her makeup and the latest fashion trend, she was so beautiful in every way.  ( I will keep up the Confessional Friday but now it will be called " In Memory of Leslie Confessional Friday Link up"

Some people probably think I am crazy but I could not sleep last night, in fact I cried a lot when I heard from her sweet sister in law that she had passed, it was a state of shock and I actually asked God why? Leslie and I were more then blog friends, although we had never met in real life, we were friends, she was a part of my every day,  I loved hearing from her via Instagram, Facebook or thru her blog and today after she passed I scrolled thru every message we shared and read and read again. 

Leslie, Thank you for the inspiration you were to me, the many times you made me smile and how you allowed us to be a part of your every day life, there needs to be more people like you in this world, more people to make life sweet. 

Rest Easy my friend, you will be missed. 


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  1. This is so sad. She was so young to die from something like this, and I feel for those little ones and her husband. I just can't imagine loosing someone when you need them the most, a child loosing their mother has got to be the scariest saddest thing to happen to them. My heart hurts for them.


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