Believe- Book review

I really think it is so important for their to be adult books to be made into kids books like this one is... 

I am really impressed! This is a really amazing book/ devotional that breaks things down in a readable and easily understood method. It is divided into three sections which are 1. Think - What Do I Believe? 2. Act - What Should I do? 3. Be - Who Am I Becoming?
The Think section has ten chapters dealing with the foundations of belief from a scriptural perspective. It speaks of God, the Church, Humanity and Eternity for example in different chapters. The chapters all end with Discussion Questions too.

I plan to share it with my sunday school class in the fall, The Act section talks about how we live our faith, praying, worshipping, tithing and giving for example. And finally the Be section covers the fruit of the spirit.

The chapters will bring in relevant scriptures from the Old and New Testament as relevant also.

I was gifted this book for my honest review- all opinions are my own. 

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