Confessional friday

Today I confess to you 

1) Yesterday was one month without Leslie who started Confessional Friday. I miss hearing from her so much, it is so hard to be without her. I cannot imagine how Stephen is feeling and her girls, i am so thankful they have their Dad and their aunties to help out. 

2) Last night we had an earthquake here in our town, I was cleaning my kitchen and I felt  a little shake… it was weird, felt like something big hit something big and it was moving fast so it took a hard hit… then in a few minutes it was on the news that we had a small earthquake go thru, I am just glad that hubby is home.

3) My sister has a surgery in one week and I am so worried about her, she has been sick for a little while and they finally decided to do some testing and they found something that has to be removed surgically quickly, so please say a prayer for her. 

4) Hard to believe in 2 weeks we are going to have a 7th grader, how did that happen, wasn’t she just that colicky baby that cried all day long;)

5) Thanks to Kelly over at Kelly's Korner last night I watched the most amazing teaching on Anxiety, you should go and watch it here 

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  1. I learned about Leslie because you Terri and I really love how you speak of her so often. Prayers for her family. Life is so fragile. Wishing you and your family all the best. Have a great weekend.

  2. It still breaks my heart to think of Lesli and her family. Prayers and love will help her family through their ordeal. Will definitely keep your sister in my prayers tonight as well. xo


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