Confessional Friday

I have been meaning to do this for 2 weeks since she passed- she loved confessional Fridays and I wanted to keep it going in her honor. 

Today I confess to you 

1) I am so ready for my baby girl to be back home- she is away with friends and this momma is missing her baby girl.. I need to brag on her for a minute... this summer I have noticed such a change in my girl.. she helps around the house, does laundry, makes cookies and helps to make dinner, I have been working long hours and when I come home, she has the house all tidied so this momma can relax. Thank you Brooke( I know you read here) and hurry home. 

2) I am going to a gender reveal tonight for the first time ever- my sister is having her second baby, I cannot wait ti find out.. off course I will post it so you can see, I secretly am hoping for a boy. 

3) I am now a Norwex consultant- I am so excited that I can work from home in the evenings, wanna know more email me- terrigrothe(at)gmail(dot)com

4) my blog has really been slacking this summer- I feel like I needed the break to come back refreshed and ready to chat with you all on Sept 1... 

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