Weekend Recap - Mini Vacation Edition

Friday: hurried home from work, got ready for a wedding that was at 6:30, and finished packing to leave for a mini 4 day vacation. 
The wedding was simple but so beautiful- 

Drove to my cousins after the wedding which was 2 hours away

Big and little kids can play on the trampoline 

This kid makes me laugh 

Ended the night with a fire and some cold drinks

Sunday: We drove to PEI- known for Anne of Green Gables.. we went to Sandspit which is an amusement park, ate good food and did some shopping 

This place is world famous and I can see why, the food is so good 

Our day started early, we got up at 6 to go to St Martin's Sea caves- it was amazing
MY honey and I 

Sea cave 1 

Sea cave 2 

Sea Cave 3 


  1. It seems like since Brooke turned 12, she all of a sudden looks grown up!

    Your mini vacation looks amazing. I love amusement parks, I would not want to leave. :)

    1. I know right!! She grew up over night.
      We had such a great time, sore and sunburnt but relaxed

  2. I want to jump on that trampoline right now, lol! When I was yougner I did recreational gymnastics..I loved the trampoline!

  3. Awwww... Looks like a fun weekend!


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