Weekend Recap- Gender Reveal Edition


Ever have a day where you cannot focus on anything... That was me on Friday.... 
I usually do not go far at lunch time but I decided to find a quaint coffee shop and got chicken nachos just to try and refocus. 

We drove to my sisters after work because she was having her gender reveal party... I wasn't sure what side I was going with... I wanted it to be a boy because Olivia the big sister wanted but a niece would be fun to. 
We played games and ate delicious food... Then it was time for the big reveal...... 

It is a boy!!!! 20 weeks to go before I meet the newest member and my new nephew....

I got up early and cleaned the house- then went back to bed for a little nap... We went out for brunch and then went back to school shopping- I cannot believe how costly supplies are now , compared to when I went to school... well off course my parents bought my supplies so that is a plus off course :p We got some groceries and had our friends that we lived with when we moved here come for dinner, we grilled and it was a fun time, played some cards and it was a fun night.

We had church and after PM service we went out for Italian food with my bestie- We got a super cool shot and a close up of a butterfly.

This was a low key weekend besides for the new nephew news!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great week 

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