Confessional Friday

Time to Confess: 

1) This has been a busy week- here is how it went: 
Monday: Worked 8-4 then went to the radio station where I have been working from 5-9 on Monday nights, got home around 10 pm, Mondays are my long days espicially since I have been sick, I need to rest more but I love what I do and don't want to stop. 
Tuesday: Worked 8-5- then went to help a friend set up for her parents 25th Anniversary  party that was at 6 pm 
Wednesday: Worked 8-5- then had bible study 
Thursday: Worked 8-6, then Norwex Party 
Friday: worked 8-5- family night 

2) It was so nice to get off work at 1 pm yesterday- I came home took a nap, cleaned, went for a walk, made dinner and just relaxed 

3) I am addicted to the game 10-10, it is like a back ward tetris, I didn't think I was gonna like it, but I am addicted. 

4) My contract for my job is coming to a close and no job prospects ins right at all, something will come up, it always does. 

Cheers and have great weekend! 

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