Weekend Recap

I worked til 5 pm and had the scariest day of my life.. 
I went and had blood work done, then went back to work 
at 9 am a call came in that there was a person very close to my work with a gun in his hand, we immediately got put on lock down as did all the schools in the area, Brooke was at school and the same thing there, it was hard on me knowing I couldn't get to her to make sure she was ok... 
We were on lock down til 2 pm and of all days I didn't bring lunch and I couldn't go get anything. 

Brooke had a youth retreat this weekend so when hubby picked me up, he had her and 2 of her friends so they could all go together, we went to the mall where I bought some new casual shoes, then we ate dinner there. 
Brooke was at the retreat til around 3 am, they had a lock in where they played games, ate food and had lots of fun. 

It was a very quiet day at home until about 4:30 when we went to town to take Brooke to meet her drive. 
Hubby and I went grocery shopping, I made a stop to Starbucks for a birthday cake pop and a vanilla bean frappe, my absolute favourite. Once we got home, I cleaned, made some home made turkey soup for lunches, cooked a ham for the pot luck at church. 
Watched some hockey and stayed up far to late. 

Happy Birthday to the first man I ever loved, who loves me like no one else and is my biggest fan, I love you Daddy 
We were at our second location today for Pastor Appreciation, we have two locations and there are a couple of Sundays a year that it is rented out to another group.. today was one of those days.. so we did all services at our other location, we had a nice Pastor Appreciation dinner and i made a presentation and made them cry. 

We went to Wendy's after PM service

Shout out to Chelsea for my new signature, it is just what I wanted and once again I am a pleased customer. Need some design work, check her out. 

Have a great week Friends


  1. You have such a full life! You're blessed to love so much + be so loved. The gun part must've been pretty scary though..

  2. Wow! That gun part was vary scary. I'm happy you had a great weekend!

  3. thank God you guys are okay after the gun scare....

  4. Wow thank goodness your daughter and your family were protected! God's angels were watching over you all! Happy birthday to your husband!

  5. Ah, yeah of all the places... it's a scary thing to have someone carry a gun around small children!

  6. Bless your heart what a stressful situation!! So glad you're ok!

  7. Sounds like Friday was very scary! Thank God for His grace and that you all were okay! Also, I love a vanilla bean frap too!


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