Weekend Recap

Worked til 5 pm, came home and laid in bed for a rest( it has been another bad health week), I woke just after 7 pm and then I took a hot bath, watched hockey and then some foot ball with hubby.

Went to brunch with hubby and a friend, it was nice to catch up with her... she got Brooke a lovely eiffel tower while in Paris last month, Brooke was quiet happy with it.

I finally have been able to get my mac book working better, I had what I thought was a good virus scanner ( yes a virus on a mac,imagine) turns out it seemed to have been causing the problem, thankfully now I have an AVG virus scan installed. and hoping this solves the problem, i don't wanna take it to the shop but if this don't help I will have to

Hubby and I went shopping, then I stayed at the mall and met a friend- we got dinner and then we went shopping, she loves shoe shopping and I do too, we had a great time, I got some brown dress boots,

A friend back home got married today, she looked absolutely beautiful 

They are going to be here on Nov 6th for a reception here, so we can get to that one, I was so disappointed to miss my darling girl... I remember the day she was born, i changed her diapers, watched her take her first steps etc etc, now she is a dental hygienist and so beautiful, so proud of you Shauna Danielle. 

We did the normal sunday things with church, I helped in the nursery I must be getting old because I had three babies and I was so exhausted at the end. 

It was a pretty low key weekend around here. 

Have a great week friends. 


  1. sounds to me like you had a VERY busy weekend! :)

  2. Sounds like an enjoyable weekend. :)


  3. Those boots are cute! Love your friend's dress!


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