NIV Bible for Teen Girls: Growing in Faith, Hope, and Love Review

When I saw this bible I knew my preteen ( she is 12) would love it. 
The quality is nice, the cover seems sturdy and durable, the pages are a nice thick texture and the text is a good size for reading. The chapter numbers and headings throughout are pink as are the daily readings and character profiles of the women in the Bible.
I’m really impressed, I would I recommend this book to preteens like 10 and up, and would even consider keeping it for myself had I not promised it as a gift already. I really think they should have a second one available with a cover that says women instead of teen girls. This is the best attempt at a teen Bible that actually comes out age appropriate that I’ve seen yet.

I love to study the women of the Bible, so having the "Women of the Bible" section is something I personally found to be very enlightening. Not to mention the beautifully designed pages filled with a pleasing pink background and funky edging, what's not to love about this edition?

This bible will make a wonderful edition for any 13- 18 year old on your list. This is not a "Study Bible" but a wonderful every day bible, sturdy with its hard cover and durable pages. All in all I would highly recommend this Bible for your teen girls.  

I was given this bible in exchange for my honest review. 

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