Christmas Recap- Long Post

Dec 22- We flew home; all flights where on schedule and without delays. 

Upon arriving my mom had called and said we need to come home immediately, we were going to go do a  couple of things before coming home, she said we need to be home because my sister is in the hospital in critical condition... we didn't even get anything to eat, we just went right home, in fact right to the hospital, as I had no idea she was even sick, she ended up in the hospital at 4 am the morning we arrived.  She woke up with horrible pains and it got worst and worst, when she arrived in the ER, she found out she had a UTI and it was spreading to her blood stream, they gave her some meds immediately, but after taking meds she realized she was feeling different, then her face was swollen, and her throat was closing of, nurses and dr's were running around trying to get her something to get the swelling down, they gave her an epi pen to help with the allergic reaction. 
When I arrived I could still she was swollen but she was better then I had expected, once I heard from mom I texted friends and family to pray for her, so of course she was feeling better. The more prayers the better she felt, Dr's did say she was very lucky that they were able to help so fast. She was admitted for a couple of days. 
Thankfully Norah Rose ( my sister's baby), fell in love with me and she slept with me, she started calling me mom mom, secretly I love it but I wanted my sister to be with us. 

Dec 23- We did some shopping and tried to clue up the last minute things, Auntie spoiled the kids and fed the all the sugar and chocolate, because that is what Auntie's do. Stayed up far to late with our friends and watched Christmas movies, ate cookies and had fun. 

Dec 24- My aunt came for breakfast with us, we hung out and my brother cooked us steaks for Christmas Eve supper, we were gonna play games but we had a lot of wrapping to do, my brother got the kids their Christmas pjs. 

we sat around after and and just watched a movie. 

Dec 25- Merry Christmas! 
For the first time in 14 years we were all together, under one roof, it was a full house but oh so much fun 
We all got spoiled and enjoyed each other. 

Brooke's daughters pride 

Dec 26- Boxing day we had a lazy day at home, my sister and I went to visit some friends, then we got back and I had a pj day with the oldest two kiddies, we watched some fun kids movies. 

Dec 28- We hosted the family dinner this year, all of our families ( both sides), it was a nice turnout and fun 

When we went to stay at our friend's for the night, RaeAnna cried for auntie to bring her with her, so I did of course. 
My friends grandson had a spider man dress up outfit, so they all played and dressed up 

We have had much fun, lots of laughter, special times with family

New Years eve- 
we had a surprise party for my sister, she turns 30 on the 7th but I will be home by then so we wanted to do it before I left

New Years Day we celebrated at my mom's house and ended the day with friends over dip, and slush. 

We have had a great great time and cannot wait to do it again. 


  1. Sorry to hear about the rough start. Sounds like you had a great time overall. I hope you have a blessed new year!

  2. A rough start but you sound like you made up for it. It looks like an awesome Christmas. Lovely photos.

  3. The joys of flying without any delays or problems!! Lucky you! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  4. Sorry about your sister in the hospital, but it looks like it turned out great with family and friends over the holidays! Happy New Year Terri!

  5. So glad that your sister is ok! What a scary start to the holidays! Glad you all were together to enjoy them together. Happy New Year!

  6. Your poor sister, but how awesome that you all got to be in the same house for the first time in 14 years. Glad to hear you had a happy holiday.


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