Weekend Recap

I worked til 5 pm and what a long day, I never slept the night before so I was functioning on about 2 hours of sleep, it made for a very long day and it was a super busy day. 
Brooke had a youth sleep over so she was gone so hubby and I had a date. we went to Swiss Chalet and had chicken dinner, then I went shopping at Michael's but didn't buy anything, I did find what I was looking for but had to check with my customer before I buy it and make it, once we got home we relaxed,  we both were up til super late, felt like were back in our young years. 

Slept in a bit, then cleaned my house - thats the worst thing about working during the week is spending Saturday's cleaning. 
We ran some errands, I had to go back to Michael's to pick up the paper that I needed for the project, also went to Walmart and picked up some snacks that I wanted for the hockey games, I made spicy buffalo chicken dip and wings, it was good. I stayed up late and watched some netflix. 

We had service x2 and Brooke went to her friends house, we didn't go anywhere after service, I'm so tired. 
Tomorrow begins another week of work and I am excited 


  1. Oh my family hates Saturday cleaning but usually our Fridays are so hectic, its our only chance before a new week!

  2. That's fun that you had a date night with just the two of you. I'm glad you're excited and liking work even if it is long days. :)

  3. Your weekend was packed! i bet that it feels good to get so must accomplished. Right?


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