Confessional Friday

Hey friends,

I wasn't gonna post a Confessional this week but in honour of Leslie I am.  Hard to believe she has been gone for 6 months, how is the possible? Weren't we just emailing back and forth.. I miss her so much

Today I confess...

This week has been crazy busy.  In fact this is the first time since last Sunday that I even looked at my blog.  I have lost a lot of followers, not sure what I said or did to loose them.

I have been cyber bullied this past week, Monday was really bad, I was ready to close all social media sites and never go on it again but after chatting with some friends, I felt better. Left those groups really quick and will never go back. in fact I hate putting this post even up in case they are still lurking around my accounts.

I should be sleeping but I just wanted to stay up for a bit once everyone went to bed just for some peace and quiet.

Looking forward to a pot luck at work today, friends coming on Saturday and another pot luck on Sunday.

On that note, I am off to bed.

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