Weekend Recap

Was feeling under the weather with a small head cold that hit me on Wednesday, I just wanted to sleep. 
Hubby brought home supper and then I decided to get out of the house because I feel like I was going stir crazy after being home all week... 
I went to see Sisters with a friend, it s a funny movie, in a packed full theatre, I don't do well in such settings if I'm not on a end seat, oh well we got thru it. 
Got home and hung out with Hubby for a bit. 

We slept late then went to pick Brooke up from a sleep over she was at, ran to walmart for a couple of things and home again. 
We had a Leadership party at the church fellowship hall that night.. 

It was a fun time. Pastor and his wife cooked for us, they would not allow us to do anything. 

We did our regular services, it was a packed place with lots of guests. 
Kim came over for lunch, we all miss Moses and hope he is back soon. 

Went to PM service and I greeted today.  
Went to Mcdonald's with friends after service. 

Have a great week, I have some Dr visit's this week, and again next week ( story of my life). 


  1. Sounds like a nice weekend! I hope you're feeling better from the head cold.

  2. Lovely weekend. I love that your pastor and his wife cooked for you. That is great.

  3. I love fun church gatherings too! :) Hope you feel better!


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