Happy Birthday to my sister

Happy Birthday to my Sister and Best friend

You turn 30 today. 
30 years ago I became a sister for the first time, I did not want to have a sister, I think I wanted a brother... but now I am so glad to have you as my sister, you make me proud.

To celebrate your 30th Birthday here is 30 things that I love about you: 

1) You made me auntie to the cutest kids in the world
2) She has an insane amount of patience, which she does NOT get from me.If you only knew the situations that she’s had to exercise that patience, you would be impressed also
3) DEDICATED.To her family.To her friends.To her work. Knowing that you can always count on her makes me proud to know her, let alone be her sister.
4) She has seen me in my dark days.She loves me anyways
5)  Beautiful.Inside and Out.I love everything about her.Even when she annoys me
6) Great cook 
7) The BEST mom- I wish I was half the mom she is. 
8) I can always be silly with her, and she can with me.We often are too
9) The Best auntie to Brooke 
10) I get her old clothes 
11) Our many face time chat’s 

12) She lets her Norah call me Momma ;) as much as she don’t like it 
13) Her great big smile
14) Her sense of style
15) Her expressive eyes
16)That she's always been there for me
17) That she's let me be there for her at times, too
18) Her love for her kids
19) That she's like a second mother to my daughter
20) That she walks the walk
21) Her insight into others
22) Her empathy for others
23) Her generosity
24) I can be my crazy loud self with her
25) Shopping with her is fun 
26) spending two weeks with her made Christmas 
27) my partner in crime
28) You can share every little thing you have in your heart with her with all honesty.
29)  I love how we ( myself, sister and brother) have a group text that happens every day 
30) how you never take life for granted.

Have the best Birthday on your last day in Canada, wish i was there to celebrate you today. You are loved more and more and more. 


  1. Aww what a sweet post for your sister!! I'm glad you have such a close relationship with her! :)

  2. it's great when sisters can get along so well with each other

  3. Happy Birthday to your sister!!!


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