5 Proven Ways to Spruce Up Your Small Space and Make It Appear Bigger

Designing a small space may feel challenging, but if you know the right tricks, it definitely doesn’t have to be exhausting or impossible. Actually, with the right approach, your small space can appear and feel visually bigger. This is a great way to adjust your personal environment in a way that’s comfortable, relaxing and soothing.
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1. Be very critical of clutter

You don’t have to be a true minimalist in order to appreciate and practice basic minimalist concepts in everyday life. This is especially true when you have to deal with a small space in your home. Obviously, you have to cut the clutter thoroughly when it comes to a smaller room. This may seem hard at first, but you essentially want to get rid of everything that simply doesn’t contribute to the overall feeling and look of said space. You can personalize this room with details such as artwork and/or paint, as well as cushions, curtains and similar essentials, but ditch any items that just take up space with no real purpose aside from being there. A beautiful figurine along with candles and photo frames, etc. won’t look nearly as beautiful if stuck in a small room where you have to be overly careful about how you move.

2. Make the main color scheme neutral

If you want to make your small space appear visually bigger, the best way to go about it is to opt for a mostly neutral and light color scheme for your walls, and even other textured details and furniture. Of course, this doesn’t mean that absolutely everything has to be white or beige (unless you want it that way). In case you’re worried about this space lacking personality with all-neutral shades, worry not. Creating an effective contrast with vibrant shades/patters is more than recommended. Again, you can do this with strategic paint/wallpaper patters, as well as textures and furniture pieces. However, make sure that the brightness of light shades is made even more striking thanks to the contrasted, vibrant shades.

3. Let in natural light

If possible, try to let as much natural light in as you can. This is very beneficial for your own health and mindfulness, but it also effectively makes the space visually bigger. If you have large windows, opt for breezy curtains that let the light go through. If you don’t have plenty of natural light options, try to illuminate the space with strategically placed artificial lighting solutions. Recessed lights are great for small spaces. Moreover, if you’re thinking about redesigning your home a bit more, you’d be interested to know that bi-fold doors are top choice in Sydney when it comes to smart ways to save space, boost the overall look of the home, as well as let natural light fill the rooms.

4. Don’t hesitate to use mirrors

Even if the small space in question is not your bathroom or bedroom, you can still use mirrors as a d├ęcor piece effectively. In the end, the mirror effect can be applied to photo frames and even paint. Basically, mirrors reflect light, which makes a small space appear a lot bigger than it actually is. In case you plan to add tiles to this particular space, you may want to consider ones with a glossy finish, as they too reflect light effectively.

5. Multi-purpose furniture

In the end, furniture can be the biggest issue in small spaces. If you have the freedom to redesign your room(s) this way, then by all means, look into the possibility to get or DIY multi-purpose furniture pieces. For example, a coffee table can also be a bookshelf, an ottoman can be a container, a leg rest and a coffee table, and there are tons of other possibilities for you to explore and have fun with in order to be as efficient and functional with the space you have.

Before starting your redesign project to make the small space you have appear bigger, try to assess the main points that should be changed and imagine the end result. With a clearer picture in mind, your project will be a lot more effective, satisfying and quicker.

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