How to Introduce Your Baby to Your Dog

There are so many benefits for your child growing up with a pet. For starters, kids that grow up with pets are less prone to allergies and hay fever. Secondly, it is a great way to teach responsibility from a very young age. They grow up with more compassion and a best friend. Pets are amazing at providing emotional support for children and children can learn to interact with animals rather than be scared of them from an early age. But when the two are supposed to meet for the first time, it can be scary for all parties involved. So let’s see what the best way to introduce your child to your pet is.
Gradual approach
Before they ever meet, they should know what they are getting into. Your dog will be confused when there is a new member in the household, especially if all of the attention is given to them. Before they meet, give the dog the child’s blanket, so it can get used to the smell before the meeting. This will make the transition easier. And if you are introducing the child to the pet when it’s a bit older, then you should give them a toy that resembles their pet, and teach them how to behave with it. If they start throwing the toy around, or if they are scared of it, then it’s not the right time for them to meet. Once they are comfortable playing with the toy respectfully and know how to behave around it, the first date can be scheduled.

Keep them healthy
Your child’s immunity is not strong when they are just a baby, and you want to do all you can to protect them from any potential diseases. And while having a pet around will help your child stay healthy in the long term, the pets first have to be healthy themselves. Giving them Bravecto chews is the easiest way to make sure your dog is flea- and tick-free, so that none of them can get near your child. It’s also a good idea to take the dog to the vet for regular check-ups, to be perfectly safe. If you see any signs that your dog is ill, you should keep it away from the child until it gets back to full health.
Not caring for sharing
A lot of children, as well as most animals, are quite territorial. They know what’s theirs, and if someone tries to take it without their permission, they will fight to get it back. This means that it’s important to teach both your dog and your child to stay away from each other’s toys, unless they are actually playing together with them. If the pet gets jealous of the child taking its toys, there might be some confrontation, which can not only be dangerous, but it can make the child afraid of the pet.

Spend time together
Most importantly, you should be the mediator between the two. You, as the parent and the owner, are someone who is very close to both of them, and someone whom they both trust. This gives you the unique skill to bring them together in a safe environment where they will both feel comfortable and protected. In the beginning, you should only let them be near each other when you are around. Then, you can slowly start to let them play alone, but staying close in case you need to intervene.

If your child grows up with a pet, they will have the beautiful experience of always having someone by their side and someone they can turn to when they are feeling down. With a little bit of luck and some effort, your child will have a best friend for a long time.

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