Beating Cabin Fever When You when You Work from Home

Working from home has got some massive benefits. You can set your hours, working flexibly

around family and other commitments. You can work the hours you want and take time off
when you need to. You can run your fashion business, blog or website your way,
without interference from others. You can have fabrics and materials strewn around without
You get to work in ways and at times that suit you, doing things your way. It’s nothing
short of fantastic. It gives you a freedom that simply can’t be achieved when you work in
a large office filled with other employees or have a manager breathing down your
neck 9-5.
But, it can also be frustrating. It can be difficult to find the motivation to work when you are in
your house, and it can be easy to start feeling a little stir crazy when you spend all of your time
at home. When you work in such close quarters, surrounded by home life and
family distractions cabin fever and procrastination can become very real problems. But they
don’t have to. Beating cabin fever doesn’t have to be difficult. It can even be fun.

Hire an Office

One of the best things about working from home is that you can stay at home. But, it’s also
one of the worst things. Your four walls can seem like they are closing in around you and it can
 be hard to concentrate. Especially when you’ve got housework to do. So, hire an office from offices.net/fl/miami/. You can hire a space as and when you need it, giving you somewhere to
go when you need some peace or extra focus. If you work around your children, it can be a
good idea to arrange a set time each week where you can leave the kids in childcare and get
out to your hired space for a few hours. Check out https://www.findababysitter.com for help
with childcare if you need it.

Get Outside

Hiring an office is great, but sometimes it isn’t possible, or you just can’t justify the extra expense.
In this case just getting outdoors can do the trick. On a nice day take your laptop or sketchbook
out into your garden or to the park for an hour or two. Get some fresh air and a change of scenery.
 If you are struggling with creativity, taking a walk outside can give you a significant boost.

Eat Well

When you work from home, it’s only too easy to sit picking at unhealthy snacks and fatty foods.
 But, this will have a negative effect on your mood and energy levels. Try to eat meals at the
same time every day, giving yourself a lunch hour and taking healthy snack breaks just like
 you would in the office.

Stick to a Schedule

One thing many home workers struggle with is stopping. They work all day, well into the night to
get things done. There’s no clock off time and no set time that the office doors lock. Try to stick
 to a schedule where possible. Start work, take a break, stop for the night and work the same
days each week. Giving yourself days off. Be flexible when you need to but having a schedule
can help give you focus and ensure you get the time off that you need to relax and beat the
cabin fever.

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