4 Ways To Cope With Life's Biggest Stressors'

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Life is full of stressful events and unfortunately, to get through life there is no way to avoid them. Moving house, for example, is something that you’re going to have to do at least once when you get your own place but if you ever want to move to a different location or get a bigger house then you’re going to have to do this again. Moving house is a positive event in life (most of the time) yet it still makes it onto the list of life’s major stressors along with the death of a loved one, divorce, major illness or injury, and job loss. Maybe after 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic will be on that list too. 

While stress may seem like a mental issue, it can really take its toll on your physical health and if you don’t deal with stress then it can show itself in other ways such as digestive issues, inflammation, problems sleeping, and anxiety. 

So, if these stressful life events are unavoidable then rather than trying to prevent them from happening it’s far better to accept that they will happen and prepare for how to deal with them instead. 

Use the help that is there

There are charities, companies, and people who deal with people going through your situation for a living. Lawyers are there and they know their stuff when it comes to divorce, bereavement counselors will have techniques to help you deal with loss, and click here to find out about shipping and making your house move a lot easier. If you try to do everything on your own then you’re going to be stressed. Seeking help is not a weakness nor is it something to be embarrassed about, it’s there for a reason so use it and keep your stress levels down as you’ll need all the energy you can get. 

Seek out supportive relationships.

It’s important to have supportive relationships no matter what, so don’t just seek them out when things are going wrong, if you have positive and loving relationships in your life anyway then the stressful situations will feel much easier because you won’t be alone. It will be second nature to just turn to these people in your life rather than scramble to find them, it will happen naturally and they will also just be there when you need them, sometimes without you having to ask.

Practice good self-care

If you look after yourself then you will be physically and emotionally stronger to deal with whatever life throws your way. There are simple steps you can take toward looking after yourself and they include getting a decent amount of sleep, eating nutritious food, making time for doing things you love and the people that make you happy. Again, don’t wait for bad things to happen to practice this, do it all year round.  You can also treat yourself every now and again, and this is also an effective way of alleviating stress. This can include going for a few drinks with friends, going on a shopping spree, or spending some time chatting to the girls on platforms like Rampant, whatever works for you. 

Use your experience

You have been through hard times before, you have been stressed before, so use this past experience to handle the next one. For example, what worked before and what didn’t? What helps you through tough times? Write these things down now so that when it comes to needing them and your mind is all over the place you can refer to this list and try a couple of things. 

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