'Take A Chance: 3 Winter Interior Design Trends


Winter is just like fashion for homes, in that, it's a great time to explore new trends that you won’t feel pressured to get right the first-time. We think that the fall and the winter are perfect opportunities to give your home a new look. Anyone can bring vibrancy and color into their home during spring. But the latter seasons are more challenged to get right. But where to begin? It should be easy to recognize the benefit of warmed tones and more natural materials like wool and cotton. But what about actual style, as in, the design element of our homes? 



 The eyes of a home There’s a reason why we have the phrase ‘window into the eyes’ as windows allow those from the outside to see what lies beyond the walls of your home. The style of window frames you have will dictate whether you have the look of a contemporary or classic home. Contact a replacement windows service first, and ask their professionals about the kinds of window frames they believe are in season. They have a full-frame window replacement service, so they build their own frames for customers. If you want the classic American colonial window frames, go for them in natural wood or white vinyl. You can also go for the Victorian Era 19th-century window frame, known as ‘sash windows’. More au naturel Even though most of the world has been locked inside for much of the year, interior design has still moved forward. Currently, the trend is to be more eco-friendly and that means more au naturel features in the home. For example, hemp rugs are making a huge comeback. Made out of a plant material, this is a rug which you can use for an area rug or a rug-mat in the foyer area. It's a little course, but if treated properly during the manufacturing phase, it is very soft. You can also have hemp sofa cushions. If you want an extra layer of soft natural material, add a wooly throw for your sofa. A cotton pouffe would be nice for your feet to rest on. Wooden coffee table Coffee tables have become very chic and contemporary but they have lost their appeal. Now made from glass and steel, they don’t have the charm of a round wooden coffee table. Better yet, a reclaimed wood table. The wood is completely untreated, economically sourced and is usually wood that would have been discarded or left to go to waste. The smell of the wood is the same as it has in the forest and it looks like a perfect mix between natural and contrived design. Being more natural is back in fashion, thanks to these interior design trends. They’re easy to implement, they help the planet and they make your home more classic and cozy. Which one is your favorite?

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