Renovations That Can Make The Home Much Comfier In Winter'

There are a lot of little checks you can do to keep the cold out this winter, from checking the gutters to making sure that your heating system is all working as effectively as possible. However, aside from doing the bare minimum to maintain the comfort of your home as it currently stands, there is also a lot you can do to improve just how effective your home interiors can handle winter, making it significantly more comfortable. Don’t settle for just the bare minimum, make your home the cozy winter wonderland you need with some of these renovations.

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Let there be a lot more light

The days are going to be getting a lot darker and the nights a lot longer, so doesn’t it only make sense that now is the perfect time to invest in better lighting for the home? Aside from choosing accent lighting fixtures to help brighten up your home, however, you should also think about task lighting that can help you take care of more practical needs. After all, your home office and kitchen might become borderline unusable for more of the day if you’re not able to effectively light the areas that you use for practical tasks most often. Switching out some old light fixtures for brighter and more aesthetically appealing ones can help the home feel a lot more welcoming, too.

Don’t forget natural light, as well

One of the things that we get a lot less of during the winter is natural light. After all, the sun isn’t out for as long. Lighting fixtures can help you banish the darkness, but it’s not really much of a replacement for the light of the sun. A lot of people in winter can be especially vulnerable to changes in their mental health as a result, with Seasonal Affective Disorder being the biggest concern of the lot. As such, one should look at ways to maximize the natural light that the home gets for as long as possible. This can include opting for lighter window treatments or, for a real renovation, installing sliding patio doors.

Give the garage a finish

One of the things about the change of the weather that comes with winter is that it can really separate the spaces that you’re used to making use of. Some of them can become downright inhospitable, but that’s likely only because you haven’t put as much work into securing them and insulating them as you have with the rest of the home. Finishing your garage with the help of teams like MC Builders, you can create a whole new room that’s much better equipped to deal with the cold. An unused garage, when finished, can be converted into a guest bedroom, an office, an indoor gym, and can suit plenty of other purposes besides. It’s also a much easier space to convert than the basement, too.

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Switch up your windows

If you’re looking for renovations that are going to do more for the warming of the home, then you don’t need to look much further than your own windows. Over time, your windows can lose some of their efficiency when it comes to keeping the heat in and keeping the cold out. However, getting in touch with teams like Southside Window, it can be easy to identify options that are much more energy-efficient than what you currently have. It’s also a great opportunity to update the look of one of the more permanent fixtures of the home, so it can be a step in an overall makeover of your interior as-is.

Smarten up the bathroom

Winter tends to bring a bunch of problems with it to the bathroom, where your pipes can be under assault from all manner of cold. If you have older pipes, they’re less insulated from the effects of weather changes so they can leak and freeze and even burst a lot more often. As such, it might be a good time to switch out the pipes, install new faucets, and generally improve the plumbing if it’s in dire need of it. Just make sure you don’t try and DIY anything beyond switching the faucets, as it’s easy for non-professionals to make mistakes that can quickly turn pretty expensive with the plumbing.

Try a lick of color

It might not be as extensive, or as expensive, as some of the tasks mentioned above. However, if you’re looking to quickly transform the look and feel of the home, then changing up the color scheme is one of the best ways to do it. Given that there is less sunlight during the winter, color schemes that tend to look a lot darker without access to natural light can start to feel a little cloying and downbeat. As such, you might want to either brighten the home by going for bolder and sunnier colors, or you can go the opposite direction and opt for rich and warm colors that suit the interior lighting much better.

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Bring some comfort to your outdoors

Like many, you might already have an outdoor living space that you use for socializing, dining, and otherwise enjoying the fresh air without having to expose yourself to the elements too much. However, you need more than a roof over your head to turn an outdoor area into a hospitable one when the winter comes. Aside from investing in light fixtures to keep things visible and safe, you should also look at the prospect of some heating for your decking or patio, such as installing a fire pit with the help of teams like the Hearth and Patio Shop. You need to give anyone who uses the area protection from the elements, the cold, and the dark to make it usable during the winter.

Depending on how much you’re willing to spend there is a lot that you can do to make your home a lot more comfortable, and much better equipped, to deal with the winter. Hopefully, the tips above give you some ideas.

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