Tips For A Long Distance Relationship'


Let’s face it, being in a relationship is hard. Once the honeymoon phase is over, you realize just how much hard work is required to go into making a relationship work. This is true if you live together, but is even more of a challenge if you are in a long-distance relationship. With less chances to speak about issues that could be bothering you, the feelings of loneliness and missing them, it can be very tough to keep a long-distance relationship going. There are many reasons for a long-distance relationship, from being in the military, to living in completely different towns, states or countries, no matter what it is, not being able to see each other when you want can soon take its toll. If you find you have been trying for a long time and it’s just not working, don’t be afraid to get help such as a military divorce lawyer who can sort your situation out easily and efficiently, minimizing the heartbreak along the way. If you are in a long-distance relationship and want to make it work, here are some top tips to make it that bit easier.

  1. Schedule in time for each other 

Depending on where you are, conflicting schedules can make it very tricky to speak to each other. If one of you is in another time zone, or you have busy work rotas, you can find that you don’t get much time to speak. Discuss when you can set time for uninterrupted conversation, rather than just a text here and there. Be mindful that you find something that works for both of you so neither of you feel any resentment. You could schedule in a video call at the same time every week that you both dress up and make an effort for, or talk on the phone each day. Whatever it is, make sure it works for you.

2.               Send things in the mail 

While speaking on the phone is nice, it is also a great feeling to know your other half is thinking of you in other ways too. Why not send things in the mail that they can receive and open as a surprise? It doesn’t need to be anything expensive; it could be their favourite sweets or a photo album. Whatever it is it will let your other half know that they are in your thoughts and you want to make them smile.

3.               Make sure you both know the end goals

While a long-distance relationship can work, chances are you aren’t going to want to be in one forever. You need to ensure you both know what your plans are, as if you have completely different goals then it is not a good idea in the long run. If one of you sees the long-distance part as a temporary stop-gap before a more permanent commitment such as engagement or moving in together, while the other sees it as a long-term thing, it isn’t going to work. Be sure to communicate regularly and check you are on the same page for both your relationship health and that of your mental health too.


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