How to Prepare Your Kitchen for the Holiday Festivities'

 How to Prepare Your Kitchen for the Holiday Festivities

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During the holiday season, the kitchen always becomes a hub of activity for the family. Besides the family cooking and baking that takes place there, it is also an informal meeting place for holiday guests. Therefore, as the holiday season approaches, how prepared is your kitchen? You do not need to spend a whopping $25,000 for a kitchen renovation. Instead, consider the little things you can do to make maximum impact and ensure that your cooking space is well-prepared for the upcoming festivities. Here are a few of them.

  1. Ensure your kitchen sink and dishwasher function properly

Your dishwasher and sink are going to be used a lot during the holidays as there would be a lot of eating and drinking- so there would be a lot of cleaning. Ensure your dishwasher functions efficiently, to avoid an inevitable pile of dirty plates. Clean it out and remove the residue that usually settles at the bottom. You can use vinegar to take away foul odors from the gasket. Your sink should be able to drain water quickly or else you may have some clogging. Since your sink and dishwasher relies on your sewer, you should get sewer and drain specialists to check for and fix your plumbing issues before you begin to host your guests.

  1. Declutter your kitchen countertops

To hold your traditional family holiday dinner party, you would need sufficient countertop space. Throughout the year your kitchen countertops have served as a place for your mails, receipts, grocery lists and other not-so-important kitchen items. It is time to declutter your kitchen for some extra space and to create an organized kitchen. Pack away kitchenware you would not need immediately or all the time. For example, if you are not baking any cookies this festive season, you should move your stand mixer off the counter. 

  1. Double-check safety mechanisms in the kitchen

A great host can pre-empt dangers and risks and take the appropriate steps to mitigate them. According to the US Consumer report, cooking fires and kitchen-related injuries are common during holidays and festive seasons. Therefore, ensure to take drastic measures to protect yourself, guests, kids, and the kitchen during this period. Be sure that your glasses are stored away, and your kitchen cabinet and drawers are childproof. Check all smoke and CO2 detectors in the kitchen. Be sure to replace the batteries to test their efficacy weeks or even days before the festivities begin. Most importantly, you should have a fire extinguisher close by. As you consider all these safety mechanisms in your kitchen, it would be best to place anti-slip mats on your tiled kitchen floor.

When your guests come over, almost every part of the home is available to them- and your kitchen is one of them. While getting a kitchen renovation may sound exciting, you can still use these three tips to prepare your kitchen for the festive season. You can also try hanging paintings, get a paint job, or get new cabinets. These are some simple ways to get your kitchen prepared for the festivities.

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