4 Reasons You Need A Backyard In Your Home'


Since the 2020 pandemic, 90% of the population agrees that outdoor space is valuable. Many Americans believe that a well-put-together backyard can be therapeutic. It is also not surprising that several households have outdoor living spaces that act as relaxation spots. Sometimes, it’s easy to wonder why there is so much craze for a backyard. If you find yourself wondering, here are some reasons you may not have considered.

Define your personal space from neighbors

People love having their personal space, which is what a backyard offers. The distance between your building and your neighbors gives you some privacy. And fortunately, a fence wall is an easy fix if you’re worried about trespassing. Documents concerning your property will provide adequate information on your land size and space. When you know this, you can then define your personal space from neighbors. There are several materials used for this purpose. An example is the vinyl fencing from Simpson Fence Company which comes in different designs. When you define the space, it becomes easy to decide what happens on your side of the fence. You can also grow plants around the perimeter of your backyard if you want to see the neighbors.

Personal and secured playground for pets and kids

When you have pets and young kids at home, it’s easy to understand why you need a spacious backyard. For example, on days you cannot go to the park with your dog, a personal backyard will be the ideal place to have them running around. Additionally, you can allow your kids to play there with some peace of mind knowing they are safe. Because of the space, the risk of having them trespass onto your neighbor’s property reduces drastically. Especially with dogs, a secured backyard will prevent them from attacking strangers. 

Room for future upgrades

By the last quarter of 2020, many American households converted their backyards into home offices. News reports indicated that people who had to work from home constructed simple structures in the backyard for this purpose. The question now is, what would have happened if they had no outdoor living space? Having a sizeable backyard makes it easy to extend your living space during a home upgrade. It can be used to build a garden shed, a pergola, an in-law suite, or an outdoor kitchen. The options are limitless.

Sometimes, you may need permission to build certain structures in your backyard. Small-scale structures up to 120 square feet are fine and do not require any authorization. However, larger structures meant to act as extensions of the main house may require permission from your state’s building authority. You may also need to submit building plans and wait for approval before commencing any construction above 120 square feet in your backyard. Going against these regulations can result in fines. In extreme cases, the structure may have to come down.

An opportunity to be more sustainable

Over the years, more American homes have bought into the idea of sustainability. Some people admit that they do this primarily because of their kids. Whichever way you look at it, your backyard can be a great opportunity to become sustainable. For example, you can convert the space into a vegetable and fruit garden.

An edible garden is an excellent way to access healthy food items in different seasons. You may not have to rely on out-of-season fruits and vegetables long preserved in grocery stores. There are many benefits of sustainable backyard gardening. Online reading on the topic can give you ideas to explore. So, whenever you’re ready, remember to put in the effort to make the best of your backyard space. 

Increase your property’s value

Real estate rarely depreciates. And the more upgrades your make, the more value you add to the property. Having a backyard is an excellent way to grow your property value. According to reports, such home upgrades yield an average return of 109% of every dollar spent. So whenever you want to sell the house, the backyard, in addition to what you already have, would justify a high price. A few projects you can consider for this include an outdoor fire pit, a patio, and a generally spruced-up landscape. You can consult with a professional to help you achieve this so that you don't cause any damage to the home.

Making the most out of your property is always a good idea, and given the benefits, a backyard would be a great investment. 

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