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We’ve all got that friend who loves to bake or cook and don’t we just love them? There is nothing more fun than heading around theirs after a busy day at work to have something delicious cooked for you. 

Being a cooking or baking enthusiast makes it easy to buy presents for. There are so many cool gadgets and toys that can make a cook's life a lot more easier in the kitchen. You can buy them a set of glasses, some coasters, a new recipe book - this gluten-free eggless chocolate chip cookie recipe is delicious - a gadget like a bottle opener or you could simply settle with a bottle of alcohol free rum or wine as a get out of jail card. 

To help you with buying a present for that friend who loves to cook, take a look through our guide below. 

Set of candles 

If you enjoy cooking then sitting down and enjoying your meal is part of the parcel. This is a great chance to light a candle whilst enjoying your meal - also perfect for date night or when you have guests around. Why not buy a set of candles that they can use after they have spent a long time in the kitchen? If your budget allows for it you can buy a candle subscription where they will receive one or two candles each month for them to discover. Candles are great as they can also be used in other rooms like their bedroom or bathroom. 

Kitchen accessory 

When you are unsure what to buy your friend who loves to cook, turn to kitchen accessories. You can never go wrong with an accessory, partly because there are so many of them. You could buy a bottle opener, a champagne stopper, a tin opener, new knives, a cheese board, salt and pepper set, the possibilities are endless. Before deciding what to buy, check you are not already buying them something they already have or have multiple of. Bottle openers for example, people tend to have a couple so you don’t want your present wasted. 

A set of coasters

If they enjoy cooking, then chances are they will enjoy hosting others or simply relaxing with a glass of wine after a hard day at work. Coasters come in perfectly for this! You can get a whole plethora of coasters designed to what they love on tv, to do at work, interiors and more. They are affordable and coasters can be used in any room meaning they won’t get left in a dusty cupboard to never be used again. 

A set of glasses 

What is the purpose of coasters? To place your drinking glasses on. Why not buy your friend who enjoys cooking a new set of glasses for them to drink from? There are many different shapes and styles of glasses that are designed for the drink you like drinking. If they are into their cocktails, then you could match the glasses to the cocktails they regularly drink. If you are unsure if they have a set of glasses or not, simply invite yourself around and pretend to make yourself a glass of water so that you can inspect the glasses they have. 

A new recipe book 

Do they have a favorite chef or baker that they follow? Or do they enjoy trying to cook new things when they have you over? A new recipe book is ideal for anyone who enjoys cooking or baking. It gives them a chance to try something new and to discover new cooks as you may pick a book that they have never heard of before. If you know they like a certain cuisine, try and match the book to the cruising they enjoy cooking. Alternatively, if they have a recipe they like to cook, see if you can find a chef that does the same but in a different style for them to try out. Sometimes cooking isn’t as difficult as you may think, you could borrow the book and give some of the recipes a go once you know they are done with it. 

We hope the above five suggestions give you some inspiration for present ideas for your friend or family member who loves to cook. If they are not right, keep on looking as there are plenty of other things that we could have included in our list. What suggestions do you have for someone who loves to cook? Which of the above five suggestions is your favorite? Is there anything you would like to share that will benefit our readers? Let us know in the comment box below 

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